Easter Island Update

A quick note: WiFi is very weak here. You may not hear much from me until we get to Samoa. I will try to at least compose as many posts as possible to have them ready to post, but it’s been difficult

What a change from Cusco! Here it’s warm and humid, as you’d imagine an island to be. Our pilot flew around the island several times so we could take photos.

Easter Island from the plane

Here is a view of our plane. Sorry, that will have to wait because the photo is not loading. So will my lovely sunset photos. I need to get to sleep.

PS-You will see a new Marlene on this trip…there isn’t much time for fussing with hair and makeup. It should be interesting! Already some of the pics of me are beyond “the natural look.”


6 thoughts on “Easter Island Update

  1. I don’t know that I ever saw the natural look, even in India!!
    Enjoy – sounds like a crazy busy schedule. My guess is you visited the Explora at Easter Island which is where we stayed.

  2. Looking forward to reading & seeing more of your fab photos whenever you post. Am having fun following your expedition.

    P.S. Enjoy the freedom from fussing.

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