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In terms of blogging, Scenes actually came before Cuisines. Since 2011, I’ve been sending family and friends almost-daily travel reports with photos whenever Don and I went on a major trip. The email address list kept growing and reached close to 100 names. When I decided to combine my love of food and travel into this blog, of course I wanted to share my travels, both past and future, with you. Instead of emailing everyone, I’ll be posting my trip journals to the blog.

On January 20 we leave for the trip of a lifetime: National Geographic’s round-the world expedition: 10 amazing wonders of the world in just 24 days! Definitely a whirlwind journey, to do so much in just over three weeks! National Geographic charters a plane so we won’t have to deal with commercial airline schedules. The long plane rides should be perfect for writing posts that I can publish once I get to the hotels and have WiFi. At least that’s my plan.

While you’re waiting for me to start posting, check out these Shutterfly books for our 2006 China trip and 2011 France trip to Champagne, Burgundy, Lyons, and then Provence via a 12-person barge. Enjoy! (I’m woefully behind in book creation, however, to Mr. Fussy’s dismay and frustration; the book for our 2008 Israel trip is only half done, and I’ve yet to start on India, Mediterranean and Baltic cruises, and our 2015 Southern African adventure. So many pictures! So much information! How do I choose? As is my style, I’m a perfectionist and like to include a lot, so the process becomes time-consuming—yet fun, too. Now that I have such detailed daily record of past trips, I should be able to create the photo books more quickly. We shall see….I’ve been kinda busy with this blog lately!)


13 thoughts on “Welcome to Scenes!

  1. Your National Geographic round-the-world expedition sounds like a dream come true! Have a wonderful time, and safe travels.

    1. Yes, Judy, it’s going to be very exciting! If you use the sign-in box on the right side, you’ll get an email whenever I post. Hope to see you in June in Hudson.

  2. Hope u have a wonderful trip! It sounds wonderful and I am sure your descriptions will be as interesting as ever.
    Best regards,

  3. Hi Marlene – First, I know better than to ask if you’re available for a Bon Voyage lunch when you’re preparing to leave tomorrow for your big trip. I just want to say I’ll be eager for posts on the blog and will read every word and try all the recipes when you post them. I just looked at the France trip book on Shutterfly. I’m covered with drool! When there’s time I want to pick your brain about that one, and maybe follow your lead – looks fantastic! Have a great, great time! Bon Voyage! Buon Voiagio! Have fun!

    1. We’ll be looking for the best bits and pieces add to the standard stuff so we can truly share all the special things we learn and see. The experts that come along raise the trip above the typical tour group experience.More on that later…lots of hours on the plane to write about it all.

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