Jan. 23-24: Cuisine Highlights

Peruvian lunch buffet

Share this…emailFacebookPinterestTwitterWe certainly have eaten well on this trip. You’ve already seen how well we eat on the plane; more to come! The lavish breakfast buffets start our days off deliciously, with a huge selection of beautifully displayed dishes with both local and “American” dishes. There is always an omelet station, plus hot and coldRead more

Jan. 24–Machu Picchu, Part 2

Share this…emailFacebookPinterestTwitterDuring the night of the 23rd, we were awakened around 4 am with loud booms. Startling, to say the least. Don quickly identified them as fireworks, although many people were quite frightened and thought it sounded like gunfire or maybe a terrorist bombing! The noise continued on and off, usually starting up just asRead more

Jan. 24–Machu Picchu, Part 1

Share this…emailFacebookPinterestTwitterWhat a day! There was an early morning option to another Inca site. However, the regular day required leaving the hotel at 7:45 am and returning at 10:30 pm, so that was enough for us. Although the weather forecast a few days ago said rain and we schlepped our rain gear, the day wasRead more

Jan. 29—Hello from Samoa

Share this…emailFacebookPinterestTwitterThis is a quick refueling stop, both for us and the plane. Although there were several activity options, we chose to take it easy. Yesterday was really long, too. In the morning we did a quick shopping stop in Hangaroa, the main town on Easter Island. Don has been impressed; both there and in MachuRead more

Jan. 23 Visit to Chinchero

Chinchero, Peru

Share this…emailFacebookPinterestTwitterSaturday, Jan. 23, we drove about an hour into the mountains to the town of Chinchero, another sacred Inca site. As we passed through the outskirts of Cusco, we saw a street market selling everything from potatoes to clothes. As we rode through the countryside, we saw signs painted on the sides of houses,Read more